Want to while away a few hours instead of getting on with your work? Well you've come to the right place. Here is a collection of free games I've found on the Internet, and uploaded to my site:

Game Description
Simon A flash version of the eighties game, Simon. Copy the ever-expanding sequence of musical notes on a four button ‘musical instrument’
Space Invaders Destroy the descending space ships before they reach Earth (not as realistic as you may imagine).
Hexxagon Move your pieces around a board, trying to capture the enemy's until the whole board is filled
Pacman Eat all the dots in the maze without being caught by the resident ghosts!
Snake Guide a snake around a maze to eat the dots without hitting obstacles.
Tetris Position falling blocks to make connecting rows which will then disappear.
Asteroids You control a space ship which has to destroy asteroids and other flying objects.
Noughts and Crosses Place a nought or a cross in a 3×3 grid until you make a straight line.

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