Want to while away a few hours instead of getting on with your work? Well you've come to the right place. Here is a collection of free games I've found on the Internet, and uploaded to my site:

Game Description
Snake Guide a snake around a maze to eat the dots without hitting obstacles.
Tetris Position falling blocks to make connecting rows which will then disappear.
Pacman Eat all the dots in the maze without being caught by the resident ghosts!
Simon A flash version of the eighties game, Simon. Copy the ever-expanding sequence of musical notes on a four button ‘musical instrument’
Asteroids You control a space ship which has to destroy asteroids and other flying objects.
Hexxagon Move your pieces around a board, trying to capture the enemy's until the whole board is filled
Noughts and Crosses Place a nought or a cross in a 3×3 grid until you make a straight line.
Space Invaders Destroy the descending space ships before they reach Earth (not as realistic as you may imagine).

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