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MP3: Caught in a Mirror *** To my dad… […more]
MP3: Children *** Parents so often seem to be complaining that their children are under their feet, and that ‘I can't wait for them to grow up so I can get on with my life’, and this song is telling them that they should enjoy it while they can, because i […more]
MP3: Crying *** This song has a slight country twang. I'd tried a couple of different lead guitar parts in the demos — one simple acoustic and one with a telecaster electric guitar, trying to get a country sound — but settled on the simpler acoustic lead […more]
MP3: Green Eyed Monster *** Song about gossip and jealousy. The first time I recorded with my Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar. […more]
MP3: I'm Sorry *** This song was written after ‘we’ invaded Afghanistan in 2001. It's about the way the Western World has invaded countless countries and used propaganda over the years to change people's ways of life. The guitar has a dropped D tun […more]
MP3: Instrumentals No 1 & 2 ** One of my heavier songs. It is actually two seperate songs, but I thought they would segue into one another well. There are actually two different versions of the first part, but unfortunately I messed the settings up, and the handclaps whic […more]
MP3: Jealous Love *** I wanted to write a song with no emotional relevance to myself; just a story and nothing more. This is about a man whose girlfriend has left him and he's stalking her. […more]
MP3: Just for You *** Lyrically just a simple song I wrote after attending a friend's birthday party. It took place in her house and it was nice and relaxed and just started singing about it the next day. Written, recorded all within one day! Also the first time I recor […more]
MP3: The Lonely Man (That Everybody Loves) *** I wanted to write something a bit more upbeat than my usual acoustic stuff, so started knocking out a few chords on the piano and started hearing the rest of it, and this is the result. The song's lyrics are about a me to a certain extent but […more]
MP3: A Love Getaway *** Song about making a commitment to somebody. Written as the man trying to convince the woman to commit and start a new life together. […more]
MP3: Love in the Rain * A piano piece from way back. I hung a microphone out of the window one evening during a heavy downpour, and used it later to add a bit of accompaniment to a simple piano piece. It's not particularly well played, but I received an e-mail from […more]
MP3: Monica *** The title of this piece is not of a lady friend (I'm not that interesting), but rather it was my first time recording a harmonica. The harmonica's not very well played (only played the instrument a few times before), but I think it actuall […more]
MP3: Say That You Love Me * Just a little blue-rock piece which my dad mainly wrote. There's actually a Dave Clark Five (I think) song which has similar lyrics, which I heard a few years after we recorded the piece; So possibly my dad sub-consciously copied the lyrics. […more]
MP3: The Sinner Man *** Song about a man who's committed a heinous crime in his past. […more]
MP3: Slave to the Night *** Another song about being lonely… and unrequited love. […more]
MP3: Slowly *** This song is about relationships ending, or at least changing, when friends leave to move abroad. I work in a school, and at the end of the summer term of 2007 two very close teacher friends were leaving; one to work in Germany, and the other to go tra […more]
MP3: Telling Me Lies *** Bluesy ragtime on 12-string. […more]
MP3: Things I Should Have Said ** This song is about feeling regret for things that you've said or done in your past; or things you wished you had said but didn't. Often I've said things in joke or haste, and have regretted it, thinking that someone's misunderstood me […more]
MP3: To the Ground *** I was playing around with a basic G-chord riff (cappoed at the 2nd fret; making it an A), and figured out a few interesting chords (or so I think), but didn't really know what to sing about. So I was just playing them whilst watching […more]
MP3: Tribally Psychedelic * A very early instrumental piece of mine (probably one of my first serious recordings), which has a sort of tribal feeling to it, hence the name. I actually had another early song I called ‘Mildy Psychedelic’, and thought I'd name this o […more]
MP3: Voodoo Doll *** A song about how vocal people are in telling me how I should change, from my personality to my clothes. […more]
MP3: What's Right for Me (Pt. II) * Another very early instrumental piece of mine, and is really just here as an example of my early stuff. It was actually a bit of a copy of Free's ‘Over the Green Hills’, from their first album, Tons of Sobs. Li […more]
MP3: Words *** Written at the end of 2007 from a piece of music I'd had for a few months. The song is about finding it to come up with lyrics. I often sit down and try to think of lyrcs, but find it extremely hard to think of something original, or just somethin […more]
MP3: You're On Your Own *** Maybe some info one day! […more]

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