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Instrumentals No 1 & 2

Song Background

One of my heavier songs. It is actually two seperate songs, but I thought they would segue into one another well.

There are actually two different versions of the first part, but unfortunately I messed the settings up, and the handclaps which are present in the other version now have delay on the, and sound completely wrong. I'm sure I could rectify the problem, but it's on my old recording equipment, and I'm lazy. The rhythm guitar on this version has flanger on it, which is slightly out of time with the piece, which it isn't on the other version.

I used an ebow (electromagnetic device which makes the strings vibrate, creating a bowed sound) on one of the guitars in the first part. The bass guitar also has distortion on it, which makes it sound more like a standard guitar, only deeper. I also over dubbed a second snare beat to give a delayed effect. I would have used proper delay, but the isolation on the snare was not good enough, and all of the other drums/cymbals would have been affected too.

The acoustic guitar in Part 2 has a dropped D tuning. The shakers on this part has a reverse effect on them.

It is slightly Pink Floyd-ish, reminiscent of ‘Echos’. At the end of the piece, it fades out, but the music actually stops before the fade is complete. This was intentionally, and was suggested by my dad.

Song Details

Written: c. 2000
Recorded: c. 2000
Music: Rick Bull


Rick Bull: Guitars; Bass; Drums; Congas; Mini Shakers

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