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The Lonely Man (That Everybody Loves)

Song Background

I wanted to write something a bit more upbeat than my usual acoustic stuff, so started knocking out a few chords on the piano and started hearing the rest of it, and this is the result.

The song's lyrics are about a me to a certain extent but exaggerated to tell the story of a lonely man who struggles to find love.

This was my first recording with some newly bought microphones: several for my drum kit and an expensive valve mic for the vocals.

Song Details

Written: 2011-05-24
Recorded: 2011-06-04 to 2011-06-08
Mixed: 2011-06-08
Words: Rick Bull
Music: Rick Bull


Rick Bull: Piano; Electric Guitar; Bass guitar; Drums; Lead and backing vocals


The Lonely Man (That Everybody Loves).mp3: Audio of selected track in MP3 format

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