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Song Background

The title of this piece is not of a lady friend (I'm not that interesting), but rather it was my first time recording a harmonica. The harmonica's not very well played (only played the instrument a few times before), but I think it actually fits quite nicely.

There are several guitars on this track: The main rhythm is played on a 12-string acoustic; There are two Squire Telecasters which each play one strum of the same chord the 12-string is playing, one slightly after the other, and hard-panned to the left and right respectively; And finally another Telecaster which plays a bit of lead from the somewhere around the middle onwards

I've had some nice comments about the track, and is one of my favourite pieces. I think it would actually fit nicely as indicental music on a film, so if anyone's interested, let me know.

Song Details

Written: 2002
Recorded: 2002
Music: Rick Bull


Rick Bull: Guitars; Bass; Harmonica

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