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Song Background

This song is about relationships ending, or at least changing, when friends leave to move abroad. I work in a school, and at the end of the summer term of 2007 two very close teacher friends were leaving; one to work in Germany, and the other to go travelling around India for a year.

I was mucking about with an open tuning on the guitar (DADF#AD), and started to figure out some lyrics. I'd tried to record the song several times, but was never happy with the arrangement: it was too cluttered and didn't fit my voice well. Then I had another close teacher friend leave in February 2008 to go back home to Australia. Her leaving brought up a lot of emotions, and I decided to try and re-write some of the lyrics; The second verse changed quite a lot, and where it was previously reiterating itself, now felt sort of complete.

Anyway, the music was still the same (apart from being tuned up a semi-tone to give it a more upbeat sound, and fit my voice a little better), but I kept mucking about, and decided to just start strumming it. Instantly it had a nice swing to it, so I started recording, and this is the outcome. I was very happy, as I'd come up with a new rhythm, and managed to complete it within half a day. And — not to boast — but I played this with a splinted broken finger on my strumming hand!

Dedicated to Patricia, Sanjeev and most of all Rosalie.

Song Details

Written: 2007-10-19; 2007-10-20; 2007-11-10; 2008-02-21
Recorded: 2007-03-16
Music: Rick Bull


Rick Bull: 3 acoustic guitars; 2 vocals

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