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Things I Should Have Said

Song Background

This song is about feeling regret for things that you've said or done in your past; or things you wished you had said but didn't.

Often I've said things in joke or haste, and have regretted it, thinking that someone's misunderstood me, or not known I was joking, and perhaps thought badly of me.

Then there've been times when I've not expressed emotions to people in fear that they may think I'm weak, or that they won't reciprocate. Those people have moved on, and I lost the chance to tell them how I felt (‘People in my life, those who[m] I've cared about; things that I should have said to you’).

In both cases I've thought later that I should have done something different. I'll sometimes be lying in bed, drifting off to sleep, when I'll think of something I've said in the past, and think, ‘Why did I say that?!’, when I should forgot these things like the other person most probably has (‘Moments lost in time, they still play on my mind; Things that I should have left behind’).

And it's often these minor events in your life that can change the way you act around people (‘Haunted by my past, the shadows that we cast’), which isn't nessecarily a bad thing in itself, but an interesting subject to right about nonetheless.

I had the basic theme of the music way back from probably 2002-ish, but it had sat around doing nothing. When I upgraded from my old Roland recording studio to a PC setup, I went through all my old pieces, putting them to mini-disc, and came across this music.

Then the dad (Nadu ‘Joe’ Khadir) of one of my old friends (from the time I was at primary school) happened to be passing, and popped in. And it made me think of the people in my life with whom I was very close, and how they'd (often suddenly) moved on, and we'd lost contact. So from that I got the lyric, ‘People in my life…’.

The guitars (from memory) are tuned down a full-step. The second guitar mimics the first, but an octave higher (and probably different notes too). The glockenspiel was laying around at the school where my dad is a caretaker, so I decided to just plonk about on it to add a different timbre to my recordings.

I've had some nice comments about this piece, and is one of my favourite pieces.

Song Details

Written: c.2002–2005
Recorded: 2005
Words: Rick
Music: Rick Bull


Rick Bull: Guitars, Bass, Glockenspiel, voices

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