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To the Ground

Song Background

I was playing around with a basic G-chord riff (cappoed at the 2nd fret; making it an A), and figured out a few interesting chords (or so I think), but didn't really know what to sing about. So I was just playing them whilst watching Teachers' TV with the sound down low, and there was a scene on there of the Colosseum in Rome, which looked to me as though they were in ruins. So I started singing, ‘And the ruins of your mind, are crumbling to the ground’.

I then started singing, ‘Crying out from inside’, and noticed that I'd used two words which sounded like opposites (or antonyms for those of any of you smarty-pants out there), and decided to develop it a bit: ‘…out from inside’; ‘…up to the downwind’; ‘…down and upstaged’;.

The words started out kind of random (I like just playing about with words), but as I worked on them more they became about either an empire falling (such as the Roman Empire, as this is where the song has it's roots!); or about someone slipping into some sort of mental depression; or any subject along those lines that the listener decides to connote (told you I like playing about with words!).

Song Details

Written: 2007-02-22
Recorded: 2007-02-22 to 2007-03-06
Music: Rick Bull


Rick Bull: Guitar; Bass; Harmonica; Vocals

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