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New song: A Love Getaway

Again, forgot to upload latest song, but here it is!

More information about each track (and others) on the music page.

Posted 2014-03-29T17:03:37, by Rick Bull.

New songs: The Sinner Man and Telling Me Lies

A couple of songs I've finished in the last 3 months. Forgot to upload Sinner Man until now… oops.

More information about each track (and others) on the music page.

Posted 2013-01-18T17:47:37, by Rick Bull.

New song: Just for You

A party song has been written! Finally got invited to a party so thought I'd mark the occasion with a new song!

More information about each track (and others) on the music page.

Posted 2012-05-06T23:37:30, by Rick Bull.

New songs: You're On Your Own, The Lonely Man (That Everybody Loves), Voodoo Doll and Jealous Love

Been quite lax about updating this page, as I've uploaded 4 new songs without a dicky bird! So here's the list:

More information about each track (and others) on the music page.

Posted 2011-10-10T21:14:12, by Rick Bull.

New song: Slave to the Night

Another new song, Slave to the Night, has been uploaded. More information about Caught in a Mirror.

Please visit the music page for the music player and more demos.

Posted 2010-12-12T20:57:20, by Rick Bull.

New song: Caught in a Mirror

Wrote and recorded a new song within a couple of days. It's called Caught in a Mirror. It's dedicated to, and mostly about my papa. More information about Caught in a Mirror.

Please visit the music page for the music player and more demos.

Posted 2010-09-25T11:12:00, by Rick Bull.

New song: Crying

I've been on a slight recording spree lately, and have been recording a couple of songs. The one which is pretty much finished is called crying, It's another song that I've had for a year and a half but have only just got around to recording a good version of it

I've also updated the music page, with an embedded MP3 player, which means you can listen to my tracks directly in your web browser. I've uploaded some of my better tracks, as I don't think you really need to hear the bad ones!

Posted 2010-03-10T20:15:43Z, by Rick Bull.

New song: Slowly

Uploaded another new song, Slowly, It's a song that I've been writing since October 2007, but have never been completely happy with the music or words. Finally came up with something that I'm very happy with. The lyrics are about close friends of mine who have left to move abroad. More information will shortly follow on the music page.

Posted 2008-03-16T22:06:31Z, by Rick Bull.

New song: Words

Just uploaded a new song, Words, which has been finished for about a month, but I've been too lazy to upload it. They words in Words [sorry!] are about struggling to write lyrics. Anyway, you might like it, you might not. I hope it's the former!

Posted 2008-01-31T21:34:42Z, by Rick Bull.

Apple QuickTime 7.5

I recently had a friend ask me for some help regarding iTunes and her iPod. She bought one of the latest video iPods, but found her old version of iTunes wouldn't work with it, as it required at least version 7.4. She tried to install the latest version (7.5), but the installer kept crashing.

At first I ran a ChkDsk, which found literally thousands of problems with the hard disc. But this didn't fix the problem (although it did help the system in general). Next I suspected the anti-virus and firewall, so disabled them but still to no avail. I even tried entering in safe mode to install the program.

Finally I decided to search the Internet for reports of similar problems. Someone reported that they were having a problem with 7.5 too, and that they could get 6.x to work. This made me think that it was a problem with 7.5, so I did a little more digging and it seems a few people have found the same thing.

I then found iTunes 7.4.3 in Apple's archives, and — hallelujah — it worked! So again, another tip for anyone having problems with iTunes 7.5: Use iTunes 7.4.3 instead! Hope this helps.

Posted 2007-12-30T15:05:24Z, by Rick Bull.

Windows XP x64 Installation Hang

I've recently been plagued by problems building my new computer. I decided to buy a really well spec'ed PC (lots of RAM) so that I could use Virtual PC to learn more about Windows server softwares.

First of all, the fan on the CPU kept cutting out at seemingly random times. I pin-pointed this down to something relating to the energy efficiency capabilities of the fan/motherboard. I eventually sent back my Gigabyte motherboard and Corsair power supply in exchange for a plain Intel motherboard and OCZ power supply, and have since had no problems.

But before that, after trying to get my two hard discs RAID'ed I lost 20GB on one of the drives! So I also had to send that back for replacement.

Anyway, after sorting all of the hardware out, I decided to install Windows XP 64-bit edition on a seperate partition. This seemed to go better than last time (when I got a lot of ‘file missing’ errors)… until I got to the ‘Installing devices’ dialog: It hung at 33%, and I waited for a couple of hours for it to progress!

At this point I decided to do a search on the Internet, and I found the answer; Microsoft seem to have omitted a driver for USB mouses in their 64-bit edition, so the installer can't figure out what to do with the mouse! I think if you leave the installer for long enough it will eventually give up and continue, but I decided to remove the mouse. At this point I received a blue screen (of death)!

But I restarted my PC, and the installer resumed, skipping straight past the installing devices dialog in seconds, and continuing with the rest of the installation!

So my advice to anyone installing XP 64 is to do it all without a mouse or use a PS/2 one (something I didn't have the ‘luxury’ of, as my motherboard has a very minimal amount of connectors). If you just use the keyboard and you should whip through the installation, and you can plug your mouse in once you have Windows up and running. Hope this helps.

Posted 2007-12-23T13:17:26Z, by Rick Bull.

Games and News

I've updated the games section after a few years of promising to do it. It's only a minor update, but the titles are now a little prettier, and there are actual descriptions. Didn't take me long to do, but I've just been very lazy — or to use the word I try to avoid (due to over use), ‘procrastinating’ — for the last year.

I've also updated the news script so that it only shows the three latest posts here, but the archived news shows all posts

Posted 2007-10-06T17:34:45Z, by Rick Bull.

Got My Name on the Audacity Website

As the title says, I've got my name on the Audacity website, for giving them a script which allows the program to be installed via Group Policy, even though they don't provide an MSI package. We needed this at work — whose website I've just taken coding responsibility for, I might add — so we can install the program to 80+ machines automatically.

Anyway, I hope some people find this of use, and as the file states, please do e-mail me with any comments or suggestions.

Posted 2007-04-20T20:32:20Z, by Rick Bull.

Lay it Down, to the Ground

Just uploaded a new song, ‘To the Ground’, which can be heard from the music demos page. Need I say any more? Oh yeah, the title of the post is a reference to a song by Can on their Ege Bamyasi album.

Posted 2007-03-20T21:18:03Z, by Rick Bull.

My second post

So it's been just over a year since I last posted; I like to keep my content fresh and up to date! Anyway, just a quick post to say I've updated the ‘my music’ section of my site so that it's easier to navigate.

The main links now point to an MP3 download, and there is a ‘more’ link for each piece, which details song origins, song meanings, dates, etc.

There are (currently) less options for alternative file formats, but I don't think most people really even look at Ogg or FLAC file formats, so it just confused things. They may re-appear at some point… although, I've had this update waiting to be made live for something like a year, so it probably won't be for some time!

Posted 2007-03-06T19:54:30Z, by Rick Bull.

Hello World!

Right, I've just made up my own simple script for importing the news articles to my site. I was previously using WordPress, but it seems very slow, and doesn't integrate into my site at all, so I'll probably try to improve on my own script over the next wee while. I'll also ‘import’ the old articles here. Bye for now!

Posted 2006-03-20T13:16:24Z, by Rick Bull.

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