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Note: This section is still under construction, and may be lacking content (or some inaccuracies); It may be better to check back at a later date. Thank you.

Guitar Tutorial

This section of my website helps you to learn to play the guitar, guiding you through learning tablature to playing chords and scales.


This tutorial is split into several parts, which should always be accessible either from this page, or from the top of any page you are viewing (in this section). Below lists the parts along with their title and a brief description of what they cover:

  1. The Anatomy of the Guitar - Shows you the basic anatomy/construction of the guitar, and covers what each part of the guitar does.
  2. Tuning - Teaches you the various ways of tuning your guitar, and also covers alternate tunings.
  3. Stringing the Guitar - Teaches you how to string your guitar.
  4. Tablature - Shows you how to read tablature.
  5. Scales - Shows you what scales are along with some basic scales in tablature form
  6. Chords - How to read chord windows, and lists the basic major and minor chords.
  7. Chords Sequences - Shows you some common chord sequences.
  8. Finger-Picking - Teaches you basic finger-picking.

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