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Useful Information


This section of my site gives you access to some useful information that is quite hard to find on the Internet. The following sections are avaliable:

  1. Language Codes - Lists all the two-letter language codes (e.g. English = en, French = fr, etc.).
  2. Media Types - Lists all the media types (e.g. text/html, application/zip, etc.).
  3. Entities - Lists all the entities that are found in the XHTML 1.0 Strict DTD.
  4. Countries - Lists all the countries, along with their codes, and seperated by their continents.
  5. Colours - Lists all the pre-defined colours that can be used in HTML and CSS attributes.
  6. Time-Zones - A useful time-zone converter, that will convert a date & time into HTML datetime format, for use with elements such as <del> & <ins>.
  7. Server Codes - Lists the codes that a server may return, with a brief description of what they mean.
  8. User-Agent Strings - Lists the user-agent strings of the most popular browsers.

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