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JavaScript Downloads

Here is a list of downloads available for use in your own pages. Each should come with some form of instructions (if necessary).

File-name: File-Size (KB) Description
You are free to redistribute these files (unless otherwise stated) but you may not sell them on for profit.
arguments.zip 3.08 KB Extracts arguments from the query string found in the document's location.
cookies.zip 2.36 KB Gives you the ability to read, write and delete cookies in your web pages.
clock.zip 29.67 KB Displays a live clock, that constantly updates with the current time. Numbers are displayed via images, so are customizable; several styles are already included in the zip file.
status.zip 4.52 KB Scrolls messages in the status bar of the browser. Allows for four different scroll styles, and multiple messages.
style_sheets.zip 3.81 KB Allows you to let the user change the style sheet on your page at the click of a link. It will also save the choosen style and reload it when they come to your page next.

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