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Visual Basic Downloads

Here is a list of downloads available for use in your own programs. Each should come with some form of instructions (if necessary). Also you may like to visit the downloads section and download my Code Tree program that includes many codes.

Source Code
Code/Program Name File-Size (KB) Brief Description
You are free to redistribute these files (unless otherwise stated) but you may not sell them on for profit.

Browse For Folder
2.63 KB This module will allow you to show the browse for folders dialog, and get the folder that user chose.

Character Map
8.91 KB This will allow you to add a character map like the standard Windows one to your applications. All that is needed is for the insert code to be added.
Text Case Module 3.32 KB This module allows you to change the case to several variations including sentence case, toggle case, vary case, and several more.

Code Tree
503.84 KB The source code to my code tree program. If you don't have Visual Basic installed, or don't want to have to compile the source, you can just download Code Tree as a binary/executable.

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